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Effective 6 February 2017, the two scientifically-oriented bodies, i.e. the AIDA Europe Academic/Student Sub-Committee and the AIDA Europe Scientific Council, were merged to become the AIDA Europe Scientific Committee, as agreed by the AIDA Europe Committee.
The AIDA Europe Scientific Committee comprises the following:


  • Chairman: Prof. Dr. Pierpaolo Marano, Associate Professor of Insurance Law, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Koch LL.M. (McGill), Managing Director, Institute for Insurance Law, University of Hamburg, Hamburg
  • Prof. Herman A. Cousy, University KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Dr. Kyriaki Noussia, Senior Lecturer, Law School, University of Exeter, UK
  • Anna Tarasiuk, attorney-at-law, Filipska Tarasiuk Kancelaria Radców Prawnych sp. p., Warsaw
  • Dr Caroline Bell, Coverage Counsel, Financial & Professional Risks, Aon Risk Solutions, London


The AIDA Europe Scientific Committee assists in the identification of the topics for the AIDA Europe conferences, it manages the books of the AIDA Europe Studies on Insurance Law and Regulation as well as any Awards to Young Authors and it further provides the content for and supports the management of the Network of Universities engaging in the AIDA Summer Schools.

Call for Papers

Forthcoming Conferences:

A Call for Papers has been issued by the AIDA Europe Scientific Committee in conjunction with the AIDA Europe Conference, taking place in Warsaw / Poland on 12/13 April 2018. The topic of the Call for Papers “De-Mystifying InsurTech: a Legal and Regulatory View”.

Everyone should note that the Call for Papers this time is NOT restricted to under 35s, but is open to anyone with an interest in and contribution to make on these topics, but it is only under 35s who may be eligible for a prize as outlined.


Reports on past AIDA Europe Conferences:

VIth AIDA Europe Conference, Vienna, 3-4 November 2016 The AIDA Europe Student/Academic Sub-Committee, comprising Prof. Dr. Robert Koch and Dr. Kyriaki Noussia, invited students and young academics / practitioners to participate in the VIth AIDA Europe Conference held in Vienna on 3-4 November 2016.

In this respect, a call for papers was issued in early 2016 inviting potential candidates to submit their abstracts of prospective papers for potential selection for presentation at one of the Working Parties’ sessions in terms of the AIDA Europe conference in Vienna in Nov. 2016. There were topics set by most WPs and by national chapters but also any current topic in insurance was welcomed. From the abstracts submitted, two students, as prize winners, were selected and approved:

a) Mr Bob Kao, PhD candidate Queen Mary University of London, Law School, who presented to the Marine Insurance Working Party on the topic of “Cyber Risks and Marine Insurance: Seaworthiness, Causation and Lessons from Maritime Piracy”.

b) Mr Matthew Channon, PhD candidate, University of Exeter, Law School, who presented to the Motor Insurance Working Party on the topic of “Does the EU and UK Correctly Balance the Interests of the Consumer and Third Party Victim in Motor Insurance?”

Congratulations to these prize winners! For further earlier Conferences please click here.