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Attached Draft Programme for the XVI Annual Conference of the Association for Insurance Law of Serbia "Insurance Law, Governance and Transparency: Basics of the Legal Certainty", 17-19 April 2015.

CILA Congress 2015
The CILA Congress will be held in Havana from the 8 - 10 April 2015 - Attached is the Programme in Spanish/English
German-Turkish Chapter conference – 20 March 2015

The insurance conference of the German Chapter in co-operation with the Turkish Chapter will be held in Berlin on 20 March 2015 - Attached is the flyer (programme and registration terms) in German.

See also

Attached is the Programme and Registration Form for the 48th Congress  AIDA -  Section Piemonte - Valle d'Aosta to be held in Turin on 12 December 2014.

III Polish Chapter Conference - 1 December 2014 

Attached flyer for the III Polish Chapter conference "Civil Liability Insurance" which took place in Warsaw on 1 December 2014.

Attached programme for a conference on Insurance, 28/29 November organised by AIDA Portugal

AIDA Swiss Chapter visit to British Insurance Law Association - 19 September 2014 - Key Differences between Swiss and English Insurance Law  

Christian Felderer and Lars Gerspacher of the AIDA Swiss Chapter delivered the BILA lunchtime lecture on Friday 19 September 2014 to a large gathering in the Old Library at Lloyd's of London on the Key Differences between Swiss and English Insurance Law. Their presentations addressed key features and current issues of the Swiss insurance regulatory system, including Solvency II equivalence and a particularly interesting analysis of some of the stumbling blocks encountered in the context of London Market wordings being employed for Swiss-based business in terms of subrogation challenges, pre-contract disclosure obligations and the interpretation of terms, conditions and warranties.

Details of the presentations may be found by opening this link -

The photograph taken at Lloyd's following the Lecture shows (L to R) : Lars Gerspacher, AIDA Swiss Chapter Organising Committee; Tim Hardy, BILA Vice President; David Kendall, BILA Chairman; and Christian Felderer, Chairman, AIDA Swiss Chapter, together with the Swiss cow bell  Christian presented to BILA to mark the occasion:  

BILA - 50th Anniversary Colloquium and Dinner on Thursday 15th May 2014

AIDA President, Michael Gill and AIDA Vice President, Jerome Kullmann BILA's were among BILA's guests at BILA's 50th Anniversary Colloquium and Dinner held on Thursday 15 May 2014 at the The Banking Hall, 14 Cornhill, London EC3.

Serving as Chairmen of four sessions of presentations and discussion were: Prof Malcolm Clarke (University of Cambridge) - European Insurance Contract Law;  Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Lord Chief Justice of England & Wales - Insurance Fraud; Professor Sir Bernard Rix (formerly of the English Court of Appeal and now an arbitrator and Professor of Law at Queen Mary College, London) - British Insurance Law; and Sean McGovern, Lloyd's General Counsel - Regulation.

The guest speaker at the Dinner was: Rt Hon Michael Portillo, PC, Member of Parliament 1984-1997 and 1999-2005 and former Secretary of State for Employment (1994-95), for Defence (1995-97), Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (2000-01) and latterly a TV and radio presenter and newspaper columnist.

Below are some images from the Colloquium and Dinner:




7- 9 MAY, 2014

The works of the international conference, dealing with the major contemporary topic "Life, Health and Pension Insurance in the New Economic Environment" and organized by the Hellenic Insurance Law Association - the Greek Chapter of the International Insurance Law Association (AIDA) - in association with AIDA, were completed in Athens, Greece, 7-9 May 2014. 

Its unique success lies in the central thematic chosen and on the outstanding speakers, leading law experts, such as Prof. Van Hulle - Former Head of Insurance and Pensions of the European Commission and other well-known Professors, such as M. Wandt, S. Ünan, I. Rokas, O. Contreras-Strauch, O. Chatzinikolaou-Aggelidou, along with leading top executives from the insurance industry and respective academics, such as Mr. Μ. Khalaf - President of MetLife Europe, Middle East, Africa; Mr. A. Sarrigeorgiou - President of the Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies, as well as its former Presidents, Mr. M. Moissis and Prof. M. Nektarios; Prof. L. Liaropoulos; Ms. P. Schuermans - the Coordinator for Insurance and Occupational Pensions Policy Development in the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA); E. Zerveas - President, Hellenic Consumers' Ombudsman etc.

Below are some images from the Summit.




BILA, AIDA's UK Chapter, celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its formation on 25th February 2014. 


By Resolution of the AIDA General Assembly passed on 17 February 2014 a new AIDA National Section has been formally admitted from Malta. 


By Resolution of the AIDA General Assembly passed on 6 December 2013 a new AIDA National Section has been formally admitted from Croatia.


John Hastings

John Hastings, a stalwart of AILA and an attender at many AIDA World Congresses has died after a short illness.  A Tribute was paid to John at the Presidential Council meeting in Athens.  A Eulogy prepared by the President of AIDA, Michael Gill is attached here.

Bernard Viret

We have recently learned  with great sadness of the death of former AIDA President (1986-1990) Bernard Viret.  A consistent participant and supporter of AIDA over many years, Bernard's presence will be greatly missed.  A full tribute by the President, Michael Gill, is attached here.

Emilio Horacio Bullo

We have recently learned with great sadness of the death of AIDA's good friend, Emilio Bullo.  Emilio passed away on 13 November 2012 after a long illness which he bore with endurance and wisdom.   A stalwart and hardworking supporter of AIDA over many years, Emilio will be greatly missed.  A full tribute by the President, Michael Gill, is attached here.

Dr Eiichi Kimura

It is with regret that we record the death of Dr Eiichi Kimura who for many years was a strong supporter of AIDA and served on the Presidential Council.  He was a renowned scholar in the study of insurance in Japan.  The funeral service for Dr Kimura was held on 9/10 January 2013 in Japan. A full tribute by the President, Michael Gill, is attached here.

Dr Arturo Diaz Bravo

21 de diciembre 2012 - La Asociación Mexicana de Derecho de Seguros y Fianzas, A. C.

Estimados todos, les compartimos la noticia, de que Arturo Díaz Bravo, profesionista reconocido en el Derecho de Seguros en México , falleció el día de hoy. La Asociación Mexicana de Derecho de Seguros y Fianzas A.C., lamenta profundamente la muerte de uno de sus fundadores. Reciban todos sus seres queridos, amigos y familia, nuestro sentido pésame. Atentamente, Consejo Directivo Nacional.

A full tribute by the President, Michael Gill, is attached here

Dr Karoly Bard 

Dr Karoly Bard who was for many years a member of the Presidential Council of AIDA and Chairman of the AIDA Hungarian Chapter passed away on 10 September 2012.   He will be deeply missed.  At the Presidential Council meeting in London on 12 September 2012, the Presidential Council remembered Karoly with a minute's silence.  A full Tribute by the President, Michael Gill, is attached here.

Professor Bob Carter

Members of AIDA will be deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Professor Bob Carter on 18 September 2012. Bob was for many years Professor of Insurance at Nottingham University, and is probably best known to the membership of BILA as author of the classic text Reinsurance, a new edition of which was close to completion at the time of his death. Those who knew him will remember a brilliant, gentle and humble man whose advice and expertise was sought constantly in the insurance market. He leaves an impressive legacy of published work. After retirement from the University, Bob and Rita spent much of their time in Sidmouth. Latterly they returned to Nottingham. Bob was a towering figure who will be greatly missed.


Chilean Insurance Act

There is a new Chilean Insurance Act. An article relating to this can be found on the Chilean Chapter's page of this website.


AIDA Europe Conference, 2015

The Vth AIDA Europe Conference will be held in Copenhagen on 11/12 June 2015 -

Attached is the draft programme as well as the booking form for the conference


AIDA World Congress 2018

The XVth World Congress will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 10 - 13 October 2018


CILA Congress, 2013

CILA (Iberian Latin American Insurance Law) Congress took place at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal on 8/10 May 2013.  CILA includes all sections of AIDA in Latin America and also those of Spain and Portugal.  The AIDA Presidential Council met on 7 May 2013 in Lisbon.  Attached is the programme in Spanish, Italian and English.  Below are some images from the conference.






Polish Chapter Inaugural Conference - 12 October 2012

The Polish Chapter's first conference on e-Insurance and New Technologies in Insurance took place in Warsaw on 12 October 2012. Below are some images from the conference.





For the Recent dissertation by Dr Hector Soto relating to "The Insurance Contract and the project  and Commercial Code Civ 2012" please click here.


AIDA Turkish Chapter Conference, 3-5 May 2012

Attached is the book on Transparency which contains the papers submitted for the joint seminar organised by the Turkish and German Insurance Law Associations in Istanbul on 4 May 2012.  The following are some photographs of those enjoying the social events at the seminar:


Attached programme for the SEAIDA Conference on 26 April 2012.


The attached informative newsletter from Gross, Orad, Schlimoff & Co on Insurance Coverage for Terror Damage in Israel has been forwarded to AIDA and we place it on the website for the interest of readers. 


On the 27 January 2012 the Israeli Chapter in cooperation with ADIF, a professional publishing group, held its bi-annual conference.  Three hundred persons attended the conference held at the Avenue Convention Centre at Airport City, Ben Gurion Airport.  In the morning general insurance topics were discussed followed by the traditional AIDA conference pattern in the afternoon including three main lectures and seven reviews of recent important judgments.  The main lectures were:

Rachel Levitan (Levitan, Sharon & Co) - The Insurance Contract Law - Lessons of the Past 30 Years
Sharon Lubetzki (Naschitz Brandes) - Class Actions in the Insurance Field
Alan Balaga - The Duplicity Between Pension Fund Payments and Tort Claim Damages.

Peter Naschitz, President of AIDA Israel, was Chairman of the conference.  Attached is a brochure of the event together with some photographs.






The US Chapter hosted a conference "Emerging European and International Solvency Standards - the Implications of the New Regulations for US-EU business" on Monday 5 December 2011.   A copy of the programme is attached.



By Resolution of the AIDA General Assembly passed on 26 October 2011 new AIDA National Sections have been formally admitted from Bulgaria and Cuba respectively. 


Congratulations to the Colombian Chapter on their 50th anniversary which was celebrated at their National Insurance Seminar in Cartagena on 19 - 21 October 2011.  To see some images from the seminar, click on the link


Congratulations to the Finnish Chapter for 80 years of existence.


AIDA Uruguay celebrated its 50 years establishment in 2012 and on 12 and 13 April had a conference in Montevideo. 


Click here for some images from the AIDA Israel conference held in Tel Aviv from 7 - 9 September 2011. Attached is the programme.


Armando Zimolo for many years a member of the Presidential Council and Chairman of the Motor Insurance Working Party sadly died in December 2010.  He is greatly missed by all his colleagues in AIDA who remember him with affection and also for his hard work, in particular, in running a very effective Motor Insurance Working Party for so many years. 

At the Presidential Council meeting in Asuncion on 29 April 2011, the President of AIDA, Michael Gill, paid tribute and the Presidential Council remembered Armando Zimolo with a minute's silence.  The Tribute of the President is attached here


Fernando Sanchez Calero was for many years a member of the Presidential Council and sadly died on 15 May 2011.  His colleagues in AIDA remember him for his industrious contribution to the workings of AIDA as well as his companionship.  In particular, his activities with regard to CILA and SEAIDA will be remembered.

At the Presidential Council meeting in Tel Aviv on 8 September 2011 the President of AIDA, Michael Gill, paid tribute to Fernando Sanchez Calero and he was remembered by the Presidential Council with a minute's silence.  You can read the tribute of the President attached here in English and Spanish.


AIDA World Congress 2010

The XIIIth AIDA World Congress was held in Paris between 17-20th May 2010 at Maison de la Chimie
28, Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris.

For more detail regarding the Paris World Congress click here


               The English and Scottish Law Commission Scoping Paper

This paper invited views as to which aspects of insurance contract law give rise to difficulties and should therefore be reviewed. Opinions were welcome from all perspectives: industry, consumers, regulators, lawyers, academics and others, however the closing date for responses has now past.
Click here for scoping paper or visit the website for more information and to fill in a questionnaire on the subject:


A 'Liber Amicorum', in honour of Professor Antigono Donati. Please click here for details.


XII AIDA World Congress

The XII AIDA World Congress was held in Buenos Aires from 16-20 October 2006.   Please click here for details


Academic Cooperation Conventions

Click here to view the Academic Cooperation Convention between AIDA and the Catholic University of Lovain, signed in Louvain-La-Neuve on 4th December 2003

Click here to view the Academic Cooperation Convention between AIDA and the Mapfre Studies Foundation, signed in Madrid on 12th November 2004