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Reinsurance Working Party

Working Party Meeting Agendas and Presentations

Meeting of the Reinsurance Working Party

A meeting of the Reinsurance Working Party took place on 24 April 2019 at AIDA Morocco Chapter's conference, 23-25 April, 2019 in Marrakech.


Previous Meetings

Warsaw - 13 April 2018

The meeting of the AIDA Reinsurance WP took the form of a joint meeting with the AIDA Reinsurance WP and was held between 14:00hrs and 15:30 hrs on Friday 13 April 2018 at the Hotel Sofitel Victoria in Warsaw during the 7th AIDA Europe Conference (12-13 April 2018).
Topic: The role and requirements of reinsurance in addressing potentially greater future catastrophe losses
  • Where and how reinsurance can/does best help provide effective protection against the risk of ever-greater losses being suffered worldwide from natural and man-made catastrophes
  • Essential features and requirements, both contractual, regulatory and otherwise
  • Limitations of, and challenges to, traditional reinsurance products and catastrophe risk modelling
  • Illustrations in both developed and emerging markets of techniques, innovations and applications necessary to realise essential goals of: capacity/availability/affordability of cover; contract and regulatory certainty/limitation of risk/cashflow; interface with State support/finance/relief; and contribution to risk management and Climate Change mitigation and adaptation efforts.
  • Cat modelling; cat bonds; recent event/aggregation/loss coverage scenarios, lessons and responses; examples of State scheme interfaces; microinsurance; contrasting levels worldwide of insured/uninsured ratios and proposed responses.

Moderation: Jorge Angell, LC Rodrigo Abogados, Madrid / Spain, Chairman of the AIDA Reinsurance Working Party / Tim Hardy, Chairman of the Climate & Catastrophic Events Working Party/UK


Francisco Javier Zabala/ Spain - Challenges for reinsurers and governments in risk-sharing catastrophe perils
Rich Traub/US - Impact of technology on international flood loss coverage and pricing by re/insurers
Shivaun Moreno/Germany - Reinsurers' role in tackling Climate Change and cat perils
Prof. Dorota Masniak/Poland - A Polish perspective upon State support in the agricultural insurance market and the role of prevention.


18 October 2017

The last meeting of the Reinsurance Working Party took place in Singapore at the time of the Asia Pacific Insurance Conference. The presentations from that meeting are below:

Rosie Ng, Jean Cao and James Jordan of HFW - "An Overview of Significant Insurance Regulatory Developments in Hong Kong, PRC and Singapore"
Simon Cooper, Ince & Co - "Cyber Risk: The Implications for Reinsurance"

Florian Köhler, Swiss Re - Comparison of Disclosure Regimes

Vienna, 3 November 2016

A Reinsurance Working Party meeting was held in Vienna on 3 November 2016 at the time of the AIDA Europe Conference.

Lima, October 2016

A meeting of the CILA Reinsurance Working Group together with the AIDA Reinsurance Working Party took place in Lima on 4 October. The topic discussed was “The Role, Duties, Conflicts of Interest and Liability of Reinsurance Brokers”. The presentation is attached

Helsinki 2016

The Reinsurance Working Party met in Helsinki on 16 June 2016.

The topics discussed were:
Further Developments in Follow the Settlements –
Presenters: Ozlem Gurses (England), Yves Hayaux du Tilly, (Mexico - Latin America) and Reinhard Dallmayr (Germany)

The Legal Consequences of Economic Loss and How this Impacts on Reinsurance –
Presenters: Meora Teitler (Israel) and Julian Burling (England).

Click on the presenter’s name to access their presentation.

Paris, December 2015

The Reinsurance Working Party met on Wednesday 2 December 2015 on the occasion of the French AIDA Chapter’s Colloquium in Paris. The two topics of discussion were

(1) Late Payments of Insurance Claims and Penalty Interest/Damages being passed to Reinsurers.

(2) “The King’s New Clothes – the State of Undress or does he get a Second Cover?” (this was a practical problem with regard to reinstatements).

The presentations can be accessed by clicking the presenter’s name below.

Jorge Angell
Torben Bondrop
Simon Cooper
Yves Hayaux du Tilly
Peggy Sharon
John Arpel

Copenhagen, June 2015

The Reinsurance Working Party met on Thursday 11 June 2015 at the Vth AIDA Europe Conference in Copenhagen. The topic of discussion was “Reinsurance as Security: ART, Cut-Through, Automatic Termination Clauses, Bonds, etc”. The presentations can be accessed by clicking on the presenters name below:

Julian Burling
Andy Douglass
Glenn Sexton
Meora Teitler

Rome, September 2014

The Reinsurance Working Party met on 30 September 2014 at the XIVth World Congress in Rome.  The topic for discussion was "Follow the Settlements/Fortunes".  The presentations from the meeting can be accessed by clicking on the presenter's name below:

Carlos A. Estebenet, Name Partner,  Bullo-Tassi-Estebenet-Lipera -Torassa Abogados, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Professor Rob Merkin, Professor of Commercial Law, University of Exeter, UK; Consultant, DLA Phillips Fox
Niels Schiersing, FCIArb, Partner, HORTEN, Copenhagen, Denmark
Richard Traub, Partner, Traub Lieberman Strauss & Shrewsberry LLP, New Jersey, USA
Follow the Settlements in Life Insurance:
Ian Enright,  Reinsurance Group of America and University of Technology, Australia
Dana C Wiele, Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated, Australia. 

Athens, May 2014 

The last meeting of the Reinsurance Working Party was held in Athens on 8 May at the time of the AIDA Greek Chapter (HILA) Conference.  The following are a selection of photographs taken at the meeting:


The presentations from the meeting are attached below:

Ozlem Gurses and Professor Rob Merkin - "Allocation in Reinsurance",

Jorge Angell, Julian Burling, Dr Reinhard Dallmayr, Yves Hayaux du Tilly, Peggy Sharon, Niels Schiersing and Andreas Schwepcke - "Is the reinsurer bound by a judgment or award against its reinsured?"

Sydney, September 2013

The Reinsurance Working Party met in Sydney on Wednesday 18 September at the time of the AILA National Conference. The meeting was in the form of a debate on two subjects: Whether Regulation of Reinsurance should be the same as for Insurance and As to Whether Courts should be able to set aside Arbitration Awards.  The presentations from the meeting are set out below:

Tim Griffiths
Ozlem Gurses
Fred Hawke
Rob Merkin
Mark Radford

Lisbon, May 2013

The Reinsurance Working Party met in Lisbon on Wednesday 8 May at the same time as the XIII CILA Conference at the Gulbenkian Foundation. Attached is the Agenda (click here for Minutes).  The presentations are set out below:

Martín G. Argañaraz Luque
Andy Douglass
John Pyall

London, September 2012

The Reinsurance Working Party met on Thursday 13 September at the AIDA Europe Conference in London 13/14 September 2012. Click here for the Agenda.  

The presentations from the meeting are attached below:

Ralph Fearnhead (AIDA Europe Prize Winner presentation)
Julian Burling
Ozlem Gurses
Jorge Angell
Reinhard Dallmayr
Kyriaki Noussia
Luis Felipe Pellon

Istanbul, May 2012

The Reinsurance Working Party met on 3 May in Istanbul at a conference organised by the Turkish Chapter.  Topics discussed were:

1. Anti-suit injunctions in various jurisdictions.
2. The London Market excess of loss (LMX spiral) and the legal issues that have arisen.

Attached Agenda. The presentations are attached below:

Caroline Bell, England (summary of presentation also attached)
Kyriaki Noussia, Greece
Alexis Valençon, France (summary of presentation also attached)
Michael Mendelowitz, England
Andy Douglass, USA (assisted by a paper prepared by Rich Traub)
Attached also is Jorge Angell's introduction and presentation on the Integration of English and Spanish Speaking Members of the Reinsurance Working Party.
Tel Aviv, September 2011

The Reinsurance Working Party met in Tel Aviv at the Israeli AIDA Chapter conference on 8 September.  The two subjects for discussion at the meeting were:

  1. Arbitration (and Jurisdiction) Clauses in Reinsurance Contracts and how these are protected by anti-suit judgments and declaratory claims - the presentation was led by Dr Shahar Weller with a contribution by Rob Merkin - a copy of Shahar's presentation is attached here.
  2. Extra Contractual Liability on Reinsurers for example, punitive damages and defence costs - with a presentation by Ozlem Gurses and again, a contribution by Rob Merkin - a copy of Ozlem's presentation is attached here.

Amsterdam, May 2011

On Thursday 26 May 2011 the Reinsurance Working Party met in Amsterdam on the occasion of the III AIDA Europe Conference.  The Agenda and presentations made by David Greenwald and Kyriaki Noussia are set out below:


Presentation by David Greenwald, Jenner & Block  LLP - "Catastrophe Bonds and the Insurance-Linked Securities Market: A Reinsurance Coverage Lawyer's View of the Securitization Model."

Presentation by Dr Kyriaki Noussia, I K Rokas & Partners - " Confidentiality in Arbitration: A Comparative Jurisdictional Perspective."


Lisbon, November 2010 

A Reinsurance Working Party meeting took place in Lisbon at the Portuguese/Spanish Chapter's AIDA Conference on the afternoon of Thursday 11 November 2010.  The Agenda and presentations from that meeting can be seen below:


Fronting and Captives

Presentation by Michelle George, Chadbourne & Parke (London) LLP - An English viewpoint

Presentation by Jorge Angell, LC Rodrigo Abogados, Madrid - A Spanish viewpoint

Presentation by Sergio Mello, Pellon & Associados Advocacia, Rio de Janeiro - A Brazilian viewpoint

Reinsurance Allocations

A Presentation by Rob Merkin, Professor, Southampton University and Consultant, Norton Rose LLP


Paris, 2010 

The Reinsurance Working Party met in Paris on the occasion of the XIII AIDA World Congress on 19 May 2010.

The agenda is attached as well as:

Broker Issues: "Conflicts of Interest faced by Reinsurance Brokers and Duties owed by Producing and Placing Brokers to the Reinsured"

Presentation and Powerpoint - Kyriaki Noussia, LL.M Ph.D

Presentation and Powerpoint - Mark Radford, Partner, Colin Biggers & Paisley

Reinsurance Snakes and Ladders - "Legal Developments which help or hinder Cedants in Recovering Insurance Indemnities".

Copy of slides  - Michael Mendelowitz, Partner, Norton Rose LLP

Powerpoint - Andy Douglass, Morrison Mahoney LLP

The New Reinsurance Market in Brazil - What has changed in 2 years?

Powerpoint - Luis Felipe Pellon, Pellon & Associados


Budapest, 2008

The Reinsurance Working Party met in Budapest on 28 November 2008.  Two powerpoint presentations from that meeting by Peggy Sharon of Levitan, Sharon & Co are below:

Reinsurance-which system of law? and Limitation periods