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Reinsurance Working Party


When the Reinsurance Working Party was established over 10 years ago, one of its goals was to produce a comparative study into worldwide reinsurance law by drawing on the experience and knowledge of the Working Party members. The Working Party decided to circulate questionnaires on key areas of reinsurance law and appoint an editor to draw each questionnaire's responses together to form a Report to be published.  The first reports were commercially published and are now not still available.  Reports in future will be on the AIDA website under the Reinsurance Working Party section and can be accessed for no charge. 

Available Published Reports

To date, the following Reports have been published:


Report No. 1

What Is Reinsurance?

Edited by Robert Merkin (1998)


Report No. 2

Follow the Settlements

Edited by Robert Merkin (2000)


Report No. 3

The Proper Law of Reinsurance Contracts

Edited by Barlow Lyde & Gilbert LLP (2000)


Report No. 4

The Meaning of “Event” And Similar Phrases in Reinsurance Contracts

Edited by Michael Mendelowitz (2004)


Report No. 5

Evidence of Custom and Practice in the Interpretation of Reinsurance Contracts

Edited by Katherine B. Posner (2004)


Report No. 6

Cut Through, Transfer and Reconstruction Issues

Edited by Michael Gill (2005)


Report No. 8

Limitation Period in Reinsurance

Edited by Peggy Sharon (2008)

This report can be downloaded by clicking here


Purchase Information


Reports 4, 5 and 6 can be purchased by contacting for an order form.


Reports 1 to 3 can be purchased by contacting LLP Professional Publishing, a trading division of Informa Publishing Group Ltd, at LLP Professional Publishing, Gilmoora House, 57-61 Mortimer Street, London, W1N 8JX, UK. However, Reports 1, 2 and 3 are currently in the process of being revised and the second edition will be available in the future from the Reinsurance Working Party.



Other Questionnaires


The following questionnaires are currently in circulation and can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Questionnaire No. 7: Reinsurance Intermediaries

To date, we have received responses from the following countries :

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Switzerland and the UK.


Deadline for responses to Questionnaire No. 7 is 31 March 2012


Questionnaire No. 9:  Insurer and/or Reinsurer Insolvency


To date, we have received responses from the following countries:


Australia, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany and Serbia & Montenegro


Deadline for responses to Questionnaire No. 9 is 28 February 2011

Revised Questionnaire No. 1: What is Reinsurance?


To date, we have received responses from the following countries:


Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Greece, Israel and the UK


Deadline for responses to Revised Questionnaire No. 1 is 15 April 2012.

Revised Questionnaire No. 2: Follow the Settlements

Deadline for responses to Questionnaire No. 2 is 15 April 2012


Further Information


For further information regarding the Questionnaires and/or Reports, please email